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Them that Can are the premier mobile canning service in the UK.
We deliver the machinery, labour, materials and, most importantly, the expertise to achieve a professionally canned product that keeps our clients happy.
We set the bar high with the service we deliver to our customers.
Them That Can have set the bar high with the service we deliver to our customers with our unique approach to the services we offer so that we are invited to return time and time again.

We also develop technologies and processes to enable us to continue to provide high quality and market leading bespoke, adaptable and environmentally sound packaging solutions to a global beverage industry.
  • We come to you - The product does not have to travel, which can always be a concern for any producer.
  • Mobile canning saves space, time, and capital for breweries, cider companies and beverage producers.
  • Think of us as the canning infrastructure of your brewery. Our mission is to provide unrivaled, dependable service, thus eliminating the need for our customers to purchase their own in-house systems. Strong partnerships, integrity, and hard work are at the core of our business, and our offerings are designed to make it as easy as possible for breweries of all sizes to join the canned beverage market.
  • Most breweries / producers want to offer their product in cans but are not sure how to do it. Once the decision has been made, companies quickly realize the significant financial, operational, logistical and time consuming obstacles that come with packaging. Them That Can eliminates all of these obstacles and provides the equipment, personnel, supplies, and knowledge to help you realize your packaging goals quickly and cost effectively.
  • The most sustainable beverage container is the most valuable package in the bin, aluminium cans are, by far, the most recycled beverage containers in the world, and therefore have numerous benefits when compared to other packaging. The average can contains 70% recycled metal.
  • Shipping efficiency: the weight advantage Aluminium cans are lightweight and easily stacked. This provides storage and shipping efficiencies and limits overall transportation carbon emissions through logistics and supply chains.
  • True closed loop recycling: Aluminium cans are recycled over and over again in a true "closed loop" recycling process. Glass and plastic are typically "down-cycled" into products like carpet fibre or landfill liner.
  • New markets continue to develop: With thousands of producers worldwide using aluminium cans for their products such as beer, cider, wine, soft drinks and RTD’s the applications will continue to grow. Protection from light and oxygen both of which can be detrimental to the shelf life and taste of freshly packaged products, these are two key benefits in addition to the unparalleled sustainability of aluminium packaging.


We're small but impressive. Here's our services.
  • Wild Goose Mobile 250MCE – High performance production canning machinery capable of 40-50 cans per minute
  • 1500 - 4000 litres per day
  • Affordable, simple rate structures provide customers with margins comparable to those achieved with an in-house static system
  • Advanced or short-term scheduling provides breweries with flexibility and a reliable, on-demand service
  • Printed cans 77k minimum – drawdown and pay for what you need over a period of time
  • Blank, coloured, shrink sleeved and labeled cans
  • 330, 440 and 500ml cans
  • Can ends – Silver and Black
  • Plastic free 4 - 6 pack can holders
  • Trays and Boxes
  • Prominent industry leading expertise
  • Anton Paar DO and Co2 testing, in tank prior to packaging and during the canning run
  • Innovative filling techniques to reduce dissolved oxygen pickup
  • Advanced seam inspection capabilities
  • Rigorous cleaning and sanitation procedures
  • Hygiene Swab testing
  • Minimal micro activity and maximum shelf life


Delivering Cost Savings

We bring everything with us! By using Them That Can, breweries can save their capital for fermentation tanks and expansion, as opposed to devoting resources toward expensive packaging equipment.


No Operational Headaches

Let us focus on packaging your product. Our compact system requires minimal floor space. For clients, Them That Can’s service means that there’s no equipment maintenance, no additional staff, no space concerns, and no hassle.


Easier Market Expansion

Them That Can opens the door for breweries of all sizes to utilize their excess capacity. Smaller breweries can move beyond kegs, while breweries already offering bottles are able to reach new markets


Lower Supplier Minimums

Lower minimum orders makes canning possible for smaller batches, seasonal beers, and special releases.

We love canning and we don’t just stop at canning beer. We package all products, from water, RTD’s, coffee, wine, plus much more
We're not just all about beer

We're dedicated to canning

We will soon be able to offer a bespoke canning service to brand owners who don’t have access to their own production facility.

In the meantime watch this tiny space for something really big!

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At Them That Can we are unique in our approach to customer service. Strong partnerships, integrity, and hard work are at the core of our business, and these guys will back us up on that...

Them That Can have helped us to develop high quality small-pack beers without the high cost of our own canning line. Thanks guys!

Jon Swain Director and Founder - Hackney Brewery

We have enjoyed working with Them That Can for nearly 2 years, and they’ve helped us transform our packaging and quality process, enabling us to get well packed beer distributed nationally.

Toby Grattidge Operations Director - Abbeydale Brewery

We’ve been amazed by the quality of finished product that Them That Can get out of their mobile canning lines. Great team and great results!

James Turner Operations Manager - Hawkshead Brewery
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